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Toddler Care

Toddler Care

Our toddler classrooms focus on providing learning opportunities in a fun, nurturing environment.

The toddler classrooms are designed with bright colors and filled with age appropriate toys. Throughout the day we adhere to a schedule that includes a balance between learning, play and rest.

We know toddlers are active so we provide many opportunities for them to explore and learn through play! Our toddlers focus on a lot of open-ended activities such as painting, playdough, sensory play and vocabulary building to develop fine motor skills and running and climbing to develop gross motor skills.  We also encourage our toddlers to spend time in our dramatic play area. Dramatic play encourages children to engage with their peers and express themselves, plus they have a great time doing it!

At pick up, you’ll receive a report on your child’s day. We’ll provide details on when they ate, when they rested and when they played! Twice a year, we provide a progress report that details your child’s growth and development over a period of time.

Daily Schedule

Our toddler classrooms may vary their schedules slightly however the schedule below outlines a typical day.
  • 6:30 -8:00 Arrivals, Welcomes, Stories and Free Play
  • 8:30 Breakfast
  • 9:00 Floor activities and centers
  • 9:30 Diapers & Toileting
  • 10:00 Circle time, songs and stories
  • 10:30 Art & Sensory, Dramatic Play, Fine Motor Play or Free Play
  • 11:00 Gym or Outdoor Play
  • 11:30 Diapers and Toileting
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 12:30 Naps Begin
  • 2:45-3:00 Snacks
  • 3:30 Diapers and Toileting
  • 4:00 Art and Sensory
  • 4:30 Gym or Outdoor play
  • 5:00-6:00 Stories, Groups Combine and Goodbyes

Here’s what some of our parents are saying!

All 3 of my children have attended this facility since 4-6months old. The teachers have become family and we could speak more highly of all the staff. The director is wonderful and very attentive to both children and the parents.

Nick G.

I have two boys at The Learning Garden West, I have never looked for anywhere else to send them! They both started when they were 4 months old and have been treated like they were family by the staff, director & owner. I’m not going to lie and say everyday was rainbows and unicorns, but any time I have had a problem or concern it has been addressed promptly and seriously by the teachers, director & owner. My kids LOVE going in every morning and that speaks volumes!! I have also felt they have been doing a wonderful job preparing my oldest for Pre-K & Kindergarten, he’s going to hit the ground running in school both academically & socially. Couldn’t imagine sending them anywhere else!

Kim H.

We have had our first child enrolled in The Learning Garden West since 2019, and we love all of the staff! They feel like family to us! When we moved in 2021 and we’re expecting another child, we knew even though we would have to travel farther to take our children to daycare there was no where else we would rather go. Our daughters love it here and we are at ease knowing they are in excellent hands while we are at work! We will welcome our 3rd child in December and feel at ease knowing that our children are well taken care of and excited to go to daycare every day!!

Sarah M.

We have been a part of The Learning Garden West for 3 years now and we couldn't imagine sending our child anywhere else! The teachers and staff are so great with the kids (and the parents).
Leaving your child is never easy, but knowing they are in a safe, caring, and educational environment makes all the difference. We are grateful to have found them!

Lauren M.


Does my child have to be potty trained for the toddler room?

No, we don’t require a child to be potty trained before going in to the toddler room. However, when the time comes and your child is ready we are certainly happy to help you with the process!

Has your toddler room been evaluated for safety?

Yes! Just as you would “child-proof” your home, we do the same thing in our centers. Knowing how active toddlers can be, we have made sure that we have the proper equipment, toys and more available to ensure your child is safe while they are with us.

What is the teacher to toddler ratio in this classroom?

Our Toddler rooms maintain a 5:1 child to teacher ratio.

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